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09 700EFI Stator Question

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Hi all - I'm new to the Rhino world. Living in Alaska for a bit and looked at a bunch of options ranging from F350 swamp buggies to ARGOs to UTVs. The Rhino seemed like the goldilocks option for me - big enough for a rear seat, small enough to fit down the narrow trails here and fits on a 5x10 trailer vs a car hauler, and hopefully reliable. But, like everything up here they are hard to find and often very heavily used. I picked up a pretty clean looking 09 with a billion miles (6500 miles, 600 hours). Hopefully I didn't buy a headache.

Anyway - it ran great when I test drove it. Everything looked in order. Got home and it was puking oil on the trailer. Put in the garage and it was obvious the oil was coming out of the oil filter seat. Seller had recently changed oil and the oil filter was bottoming out without sealing. Was down to probably 1 quart of oil. Did not get a check engine light, but I'm not sure if it has an oil pressure sensor.

On my first shake down ride this past weekend we only made it a few miles and the engine light comes on - low battery. It has an aux battery voltage meter in an aftermarket switch plate setup and both that gauge and the OEM display said battery was around 9.5 volts at low idle. When running at higher rpm it would climb to about 10.5 volts. It would still start even showing under 10 volts, but it was barely enough to crank over the starter. After sitting overnight on the trailer, the battery recovered without any outside charging to around 12.4 volts. That's what I expect from a good battery. So - I think the battery is good. It also holds a charge. So, I've ether got a significant parasitic draw or a bat stator. Testing points me to stator. Rectifier/regulator tests good as far as it can be tested externally with a multimeter.

So - is it likely that the low oil would have burned up the stator? Never got the engine hot while low on oil. But it could have had reduced cooling? If not - anything else that would have caused the stator to self destruct? I'm pretty sure I saw around 14 volts when running during my test drive.

Question 2 - At the regulator/rectifier I measure almost zero resistance to ground (direct short) on all 3 pins from the stator female connector (from the stator). I believe that tells me the stator had a catastrophic failure. Is that correct? is there any other reason why you would have direct short to ground in all 3 stator output circuits? I'm questioning this only because it seems unusual from what I'm reading to find that all 3 melted down at once. But that's what I'm seeing.

Final question: Is there a preferred aftermarket stator that is super durable? I'm in Alaska and places we'll go will be remote. I'd rather pay more and not break down again.

Thanks you for any advice you can help with!
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