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I had my rhino 450 idling with the light bar on while I was skinning a deer. Suddenly it just shut off, it would crank but not fire up. Pretty sure gas is perfect as I always use 93 ethanol free. Cranked and replace air filter till battery died.

Noticed the oil was below the maker so topped off it was about 3/4 of quart low.

Replaced battery and spark plug. Still same issue… did a compression test per manual and only got 104.5 psi with throttle all the way pressed. It will briefly fire with starter fluid but same thing. Manual specs said I should get 180 psi with 150 min… NOTE. I’ve never had valves adjusted and haven’t checked that yet.

Looking for next steps from you experts… I’m considering just trailering and taking it to my local Yamaha shop but wanted to get the forums thoughts.

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