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Hi All,
New to the forum. Just picked up my Rhino a couple of weeks ago and love it. I went to the Rhino Crash in Glamis and the following weekend to the dunes near Yuma. I had a blast and lost my virginity, I rolled it! :D I'll post some pics as soon as my friend sends them to me.
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damn i need to roll mine just to say i have done it...

welcome hope evrything is fine after the roll
Thanks Everyone! Love the forum!! No injuries on the roll. Here's some pics.

I was messing around in 2 wheel drive.
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nice!!! good way to break it in. :)
Glad you made it out safe and welcome:drive:
Can I loose mine without rolling it?
Welcome .... Glad you werent hurt .....

You need to get some offset wheels or wheel spacers .... since you have those nice wheels I would just get some wheel spacers ..... you will need 1.75" or 2" on all 4 corners ...... you can get them on ebay for arounbd $ 150.00 for all four ...... It will add tons of stability to the Rhino .... you will be happy and you wont roll so easily .....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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