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  1. General Rhino Discussions
    Hey everyone, I’ve had the rhino for years but am new to the forum. Sifted through a lot, so now it's time to ask the same ole questions that are always asked--what kind of upgrades? I did search and read a lot, but it quickly runs together. I have a 2006 660 sport with 649.1 miles on it that...
  2. General Rhino Discussions
    Hi Fellas, I am in the need of some help. I am in the process of making a folding windshield for my rhino and I can't seem to locate the clamps for the upper 1/2. The kind that snap to the cage rail. I found some similar at a site called Super ********, they are called universal hard clamps on...
  3. General Rhino Discussions
    i just bought my first rhino its a 2006 660 SE its not new its got 2400 on it, kinda high but it was the right price i was hoping some people would have suggestions for upgrades, things to watch out for maintenance wise ect and how many miles that the engine is usually good for.
1-3 of 29 Results