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  1. Engine
    Rhino won't start. The engine turns over. I have the choke pulled out completely. It has 3/4 tank of gas. I replaced the fuel filter 6 mo. ago. I removed the fuel line between the fuel pump and the carb. It's pumping gas, but I'm not sure how much should be coming out. Any trouble...
  2. Tutorials
    I was leaving the woods last Friday, 660 started up great like it always does. Made it back to the truck to unload my hunting gear. Cut the motor off. About ten minutes later went it start back up and had nothing. Turned the key and nothing. Acts like the battery connections where loose or...
  3. Engine
    While riding my 2007 660 Saturday at about 40-45mph down the road it suddenly lost a lot of power and blew white smoke out the exhaust. When I finally came to a stop it died and wouldn't restart. There was also some white smoke coming out the intake to my air box. It will crank and occasionally...
  4. Engine
    Someone put diesel in my rhino! I have drained the tank and lines and changed the spark plug but I'm still not getting it to start. Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated!
1-4 of 4 Results