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  1. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Randomly the reverse light on my 07 660 started staying on and for some reason is is causing the engine to loose spark. I checked the voltage to the switch and it was around 10.5-11 volts. I bypassed the switch and grounded out the wire to see if that would fix it and it didn’t. The only think...
  2. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I have a 2006 660 and recently had it in the garage. Realized a mouse or pack rat chewed through wiring underneath carburetor. Anyone have any suggestions where I can get a good diagram so I can check the wires? Thanks!
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    I'm thinking about getting a winch for the front of my rhino, I'm not gonna pay the price for a warn, but i still need something comparable to the rt 30. im thinking gorilla XT 3000. What else compares and is still affordable. (pls none of that viper max crap) also I might get two gorilla XT...