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  1. Engine
    so at 50mph my motor sounds about like its gonna blow. soon imma be runnin 26 or 27" Zillas. i have stock clutch weights. can i put ODs in my standard UTV Crap machined clutch? i can run 59 with a bad tuned carb right now. more is great and i cant lose any low end. gaining low and mid would be...
  2. UTV Inc
    ya ya its going to be around 475.00 dollars but Ive tried using the best parts out there for this kit.. Small 60 amp alternator 1 wire hook up 2 Cog style pulleys for less horse power loss and less stress on the crank custom billet crank mounts upside is run all the lights and amps and...
  3. UTV Inc
    Come on come all. Current customers and soon to be customers. And all lurkers who want our secrets. Sign up and enjoy. http://www.rhinoforums.net/groups/utv-crap.html
1-3 of 3 Results