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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Just bought a 2009 Rhino 700 2 weeks ago. The previous owners added a turbo and FS Ignition module. Been reading about diagnostic codes and I can’t seem to get into the diagnostics mode by pressing the 2 left buttons on the dash and turning on the ignition. Does the new...
  2. Engine
    so yall know the fan thats on the side of the motor? well why not redirect the air flow from it into the intake or make a secondary intake just for it? anybody ever tried it?
  3. Tutorials
    Hi New member here. I have a 08 rhino 700. A guy is trying to sell me his turbo kit off his 660. Wondering if it will work for mine or what parts I would need to get it to work. Any advice thanks.
  4. Rhino Parts
    I have a TSI Turbo Kit up for grabs. This kit only has 7-8 rides on it. Has all components you need for installation. I am getting rid of it becuase it came with the rhino I bought and I am going to build the motor instead. T20 Garrett Turbo w/adjustable actuator. Exhaust Manifold (cast...
  5. Engine
    Okay, so I have read through the majority of the Poorboy Turbo thread and I still have questions regarding my own setup. Here is some background: I bought a 2006 660 turbo'd with the TSI kit...yeah I know...the motor had 95 hours on it when it the top end took a crap (90 PSI from the...
  6. Engine
    being stupid i bought a 450 and up here in alaska it dont have the power that i really need. i have put a roll cage and a little extras so the weight is alot more than i thought it would be on a 450. they dont make a turbo kit for it does anybody have a clue of what to do?
  7. New Members
    New to forum but have had the Rhino a couple years. Got it because my right arm was paralized in the navy and i still wanted to ride with my buddies. Its an '06 special edition, been in the shop for awhile getting some "upgrades" ( ie turbo, motorwork, long travel) so it should be fun! I'll keep...
  8. Engine
    I am in the process of finishing putting a turbo on my Rhino and was wondering what, if anything, should i do to the clutch?
1-8 of 9 Results