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  1. Can’t start up in Neutral.

    Transmission and Drive train
    I recently bought a 2006 Rhino 660. After changing the fuel pump and priming the fuel system it fired right up and runs like a top but... if you start it up in Neutral and shift into High Gear it’ll jump forward and die. Same going from neutral to reverse. It has to be started in the desired...
  2. 660 downhill, engine brake stops, free wheels, stalls when reingages

    General Rhino Discussion
    So my 660 has difficulty shifting between gears, shift linkage feels loose, has been getting worse. Going to check the linkage. I think it's unrelated but when going down hill the engine braking sometimes stops causing the machine to free wheel as if in neutral, the engine idles and brakes need...
  3. 05 Rhino 660 - Shifts but won't move and sounds like something is grinding

    Transmission and Drive train
    Using my 05 Rhino 660 this week duck hunting and about 100 yards into a flooded rice field the Rhino just stopped moving and sounded like it was not catching the gears in 4wd, 2wd, forward and reverse. Sounds fine at idle. Any ideas on what this may be? I just got back and have not had a...
  4. clutch issues

    ATT PLEASE HELP.:aargh4::aargh4: I have a 08 rhino 700 and I am about to have to replace my wet clutch and I was wondering how hard it was to replace? any recommendations on things I should while in there? I use this bike in the mud. it has a stage 1 mudder clutch and im running 28' outlaws. the...
  5. 2007 660 shifting problem

    My shifting gear stick is free flowing and stuck in high(which isnt too bad but would like to fix). Anybody help with this? I was thinking like a plastic linkage to engage the shifter broke? Help please. Thanks Rob:azflag:
  6. Middle gear change

    I have a 2006 yamaha rhino 660 and my middle gear went out. Is there any way of changing it without splitting the motor in half if nothing else is broken?
  7. drive gear or one way bearing

    the machine runs fine untill it gets warm, then i smell burning grease, then when its under load it starts to chatter real bad. it has nothing to do with the brakes its something in the driveline. it sounds like something is binding up but its only when its warn. if it was a clutch problem it...
  8. 450 - Burning smell in reverse

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 5 month old 450, totally stock, this weekend it started producing a burning smell when I am in reverse... much like I have the e-brake on. Only occurs in reverse. The local Yamaha shop wants $100 to diagnose it even though it's under warranty. Anyone know what it could be so I...
  9. major transmission problems!!!

    Hey guys, Im having big troubles with my 07 rhino 450. The tranny makes a awful whining and sometimes gives out a little clunk. I tore engine and tranny apart and discovered two broken bolts on the bearing retainer cap on the tranny input shaft. Eazy outed the bolts and found 2 bearings that...