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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Yesterday while driving my rhino 660 while driving up hill the unit stopped moving. Initially it was hard to get out of gear. The engine was professionally rebuilt about 10 days ago. The shifter works normal now I have removed the belt cover. While in neutral on acceleration the clutch works...
  2. Engine
    Just bought a 06 660 rhino. When u put it in the low side it seams to go in and the light goes to the l but it does nothing it's like your in neutral the rhino don't move at all. High side and reverse is great. Any ideas guys and thanx on advance.
  3. Engine
    This is my first UTV and I bought a 2009 Rhino Sport Edition 700 on an auction because of the price (or so I thought) and took a chance. The clutches and even the cover for the wet clutch was in pieces (noticed no belt fan). The clutches were supposed to be replaced but was told they smoked...
  4. Engine
    ATT PLEASE HELP.:aargh4::aargh4: I have a 08 rhino 700 and I am about to have to replace my wet clutch and I was wondering how hard it was to replace? any recommendations on things I should while in there? I use this bike in the mud. it has a stage 1 mudder clutch and im running 28' outlaws. the...
  5. Engine
    New on the site. I have a 2007 Rhino 450 with 712 mi. that I just pisked up. Starts and motor sounds good but will not go into gear. All the linkage is in very good shape and the lights on the dash show it shifting the low gear light will not come on but will not move at all . Makes no noise at...
  6. General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 06 450 rhino and the transmission will not work in two wheel. The rear wheels will not pull. Front will pull in 4x4. The drive shaft is not broken and i have no ideal what to do. Any help would be great.
  7. General Rhino Discussion
    On my last ride, I was unable to get my Rhino to shift into low range. It will grind and then pop back out when I give it gas. The other gears work fine. Is there an adjustment to fix this? Is this likely a serious problem? Thanks for the help.
  8. Engine
    I have a 2007 Rhino 4x4...I bought used about a week ago. It has been doing great till 2day. I put it in 2wd and it wont move, foward or reverse. IF i lock in 4wd, the front end will pull it around. Drive shaft is in tack and I have tried to adjust the linkage but with no luck,,,,please help:eek5:
1-8 of 8 Results