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  1. General Rhino Discussions
    I recently went on a long ride with my rhino and it started to lose power for a second or 2, and it stopped reaching its top speed of 48 and went down to 42. And now when I start reaching 42 it feels like it's struggling. I replaced the air filter and spark plug. I just don't know what the...
  2. Engine
    This is my first post I got a 05 660 rhino and since I've gotten it when I am driving in high gear when I hit about 23 mph and I give it full gas it acts like I am hitting my rev limiter and as long as I give it to much gas it will not go any faster but if I ease off and give it half throttle I...
  3. CVT, Sheaves and Wet Clutch
    Recently purchased a Calif. street legal Rhino. Just got some 25" DOT Radial tires. Right now top speed is 42-45 mph. Only upgrade is an old Dynatec CDI, stock air cleaner, carb jets?, and exhaust. If I upgrade it a better intake (K&N) and aftermarket exhaust, and a 9000 rpm CDI, what top...
  4. Engine
    We have an 06 660 that is loosing top speed. We have kept it virtually stock. Was getting about 38-39 mph now only getting 35mph. Have changed the belt and filters but that doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions??
1-4 of 4 Results