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  1. has anyone replaced the generator stator ?

    General Rhino Discussion
    while replacing the stator I noticed the rotor that it goes in is also damaged, has anyone replaced it ? do I need a special tool or puller to remove it ? Thanks
  2. Battery Drain or Charging Problem?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hi - New to the forum here trying to sort my in-laws 07 Yamaha Rhino 450. Battery keeps going dead. Did some testing and found what appears to be a drain on the battery of 83 miliamps. However, I don't know what is acceptable range for this kind of vehicle? I pulled fuses one by one and...
  3. Yamaha Rhino OEM Stator NEW in box

    Rhino Parts
    Yamaha Rhino OEM Stator is new, fits 2004-2007 660 YXR660, in original OEM box. $175.00 Feel free to call for further info. (323)273-9073 Edwin Will accept Paypal.