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  1. 660 downhill, engine brake stops, free wheels, stalls when reingages

    General Rhino Discussion
    So my 660 has difficulty shifting between gears, shift linkage feels loose, has been getting worse. Going to check the linkage. I think it's unrelated but when going down hill the engine braking sometimes stops causing the machine to free wheel as if in neutral, the engine idles and brakes need...
  2. 660 clutch problems. Won't idle when I throw it in gear.

    I am a new rhino owner and recently did a motor swap. However... The clutch is giving me trouble. When I put it in gear it shifts super hard and then it clunks, lurches and dies. The belt rides on top of front pulley but it seems to drop down between the pulleys when I throttle up in...
  3. 2009 rhino stalls, will only idle

    General Rhino Discussion
    see post at this forum link: http://www.rhinoforums.net/engine/61485-2009-rhino-700-only-idles-dies-when-applying-gas.html#post617962 Found out from trial and error that it appears to be the "Throttle Position Sensor TPI". Would you believe that there was not one, I repeat, NOT ONE in stock...
  4. 2009 Rhino 700 only idles dies when applying gas.

    * * * * * *Ok, 2/3 of today was great with the 09 rhino, hot day here in texas. I was in heavy brush area for quite awhile then broke into a clearing and step on the ole girl to cool things down a bit from the heat and slowness of thicket navigation, and then, as i stepped down on the gas, the...
  5. Stumped mechanic

    Im working on an 06 450 rhino, it is a job and not my own. It is all stock. The valves were just adjusted. The air filter is clean and oiled. The gas smells good but i dont know the age. Before i adjusted the valves i started it up when he dropped it off. It fired right up with the choke. I...