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  1. Engine
    This is my first post I got a 05 660 rhino and since I've gotten it when I am driving in high gear when I hit about 23 mph and I give it full gas it acts like I am hitting my rev limiter and as long as I give it to much gas it will not go any faster but if I ease off and give it half throttle I...
  2. Engine
    New member and thank you for this resource. I've read dozens of threads related to this, but still can't fix my issue. I have an 06 660 that I bought with and RMStator CDI. I maxed out around 40mph and it feels like it's still being rev limited at the top. I bought a MSD 4240 figuring it was...
  3. Engine
    so ive had this problem for a pretty good while. at mid throttle to go 14-19 mph it sputters real bad. every couple mins at 14, a good bit at 15, real bad at 16 and then back down. if i mash the gas more when it starts itll quit but you hafta get on it to get outta the sputter range. its had a...
  4. Engine
    cant seem to keep oil in it, it sputters real bad from 11-23 mph. it was between 14-19 but seems a bit worse now. running in that range for maybe 3 mins and my temp light will come on. i dont think it the jetting cause with stock intake its still doin it. also it was ran hard for prob 4 days...
  5. Engine
    ok so since ive snorkeled my rhino ive had probs with the jetting. i cant put the console on yet so either with or without the 2" airbox snorkel its still sputtering. it does it worst from 14 to 19 mph. while running that range it will overheat in a matter of 60 secs from starting it. the rad...
  6. Engine
    ok so i have a 3" air box pipe and the rest is 2 1/2". the thing runs hot, sputters some and backfires on shutoff. any thoughts on what Mikuni jets to go with??? damn dealer wont rejet it for me... or do much of anything for that matter. thanks
1-6 of 6 Results