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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Does anyone have a take off shock or an extra they could part with?
  2. Suspension
    what does it take to jump and when you land not get a headache and have it sound like a pile of metal crashing out of the sky? the most ive ever gotten off the ground is maybe 4". i ride with a 400ex and where we ride there are a bunch of... i dont really know what to call them but there little...
  3. Suspension
    so currently i have my stock shocks and ive never dared to try getting any air with em. with sport resi's could i get small air and it not fly apart? i dont mean much. 4-8" and 8" being very rare. more in the range of 4-6". can it be done without breakin stuff? ive seen RZRs do it but never seen...
  4. Rhino Parts
    I have a four pairs of springs, all are 2.5" I.D. let me know if anyone is interested... 1. 300# springs that are 12" 2. 325# springs that are 12" 3. 275# springs that are 14" 4. 300# springs that are 14" They are hyperco brand and have been awesome on my +6 LT kit... I am looking for a set...
  5. Tutorials
    ok so i just got my rhino for 3100. (a big steal) just gas tank cover and tailgate latch to replace, and it was in REALLY good shape. but anyway i noticed that on the spring there is a silver peice that appears that could be turned to extend to shocks, is this true or does it just make the ride...
1-5 of 5 Results