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  1. Suspension
    so i saw some 4" spacers on google shopping. how bad would it be to run them? reason im even considering em is that i almost rolled my rhino not too long ago. tried to spin around like a tight u turn and it came way up off the ground. i was goin maybe 15 when i turned real sharp around.
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    Just picked up a Rhino here in Michigan. 2007 660 special. Reading on this awesome forum I have found there are free "recalls" that I need to have done. I planned on removing the sway bar myself but I want the spacers, doors and passenger handhold. I called my local dealer and spoke with...
  3. Rhino Parts
    BS SAND Seats and other parts, parts, parts... PRICES HAVE BEEN DROPPED ON REMAINING ITEMS. REDUCED PRICE IS SHOWN I have a few parts from my 2007 660, if shipping is included in the price it is for CONUS only. I will have to discuss shipping on the seats, I doubt its cost effective, but if...
  4. General Rhino Discussion
    Wheel Spacers Which Are right for me? Front and rear or just rear? What size? manufacturer? Thoughts......
1-4 of 4 Results