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  1. 4" spacers?

    so i saw some 4" spacers on google shopping. how bad would it be to run them? reason im even considering em is that i almost rolled my rhino not too long ago. tried to spin around like a tight u turn and it came way up off the ground. i was goin maybe 15 when i turned real sharp around.
  2. Dealer Denies Recall doors/passenger handhold/wheel spacer and sway bar removal.

    General Rhino Discussion
    Just picked up a Rhino here in Michigan. 2007 660 special. Reading on this awesome forum I have found there are free "recalls" that I need to have done. I planned on removing the sway bar myself but I want the spacers, doors and passenger handhold. I called my local dealer and spoke with...
  3. Seats and other parts, parts, parts...

    Rhino Parts
    BS SAND Seats and other parts, parts, parts... PRICES HAVE BEEN DROPPED ON REMAINING ITEMS. REDUCED PRICE IS SHOWN I have a few parts from my 2007 660, if shipping is included in the price it is for CONUS only. I will have to discuss shipping on the seats, I doubt its cost effective, but if...
  4. Wheel Spacers

    General Rhino Discussion
    Wheel Spacers Which Are right for me? Front and rear or just rear? What size? manufacturer? Thoughts......