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  1. top speed loss after issues?

    so cant seem to keep oil in it, it was sputtering real bad from 11-23 mph. then it was between 14-19. running in that range for maybe 3 mins and my temp light would come on. i dont think it was the jetting cause with stock intake its still doin it. also it was ran hard for prob 4 days before i...
  2. sputtering, will only run with choke, dies with gas.

    ok so i put a snorkel on my 660 and it was sputtering alot so i thought the jetting was off. i took the air snorkel off and started driving up our driveway and i lost power and it shut off. itll only idle with the choke on and if i give it gas it makes a knocking sound and will start to shut...
  3. running hot and sputtering after snorkel

    Ok, so I just snorkeled my rhino 660 yesterday. It will sputter when holding around 20mph and backfire when turning off. It also seems to run hot. The heat light blinked while I had it up to 43mph. Everything is stock except for a Dynatek cdi and the snorkel. Btw I don't know how to jet this...
  4. Deep hole, now won't start.

    Hey guys needs some help with this one. 06 660 snorkeled to just under roof. My rhinos starter one way bearing went out had a atv mechanic buddy replace it. When I got it back sealed everything back up for water riding purposes. Last weekend I drove of in a hole when my dash disappeared for 30...
  5. snorkel tuning on 660

    I'm having sme tuning problemes on my 660 when I put my 2'' snorkel on. I have cdi, kn filter, grinded down header welds and no spark arrester or tip on the factory exhaust, 155 dj main and have tried the dj needle on 1,2,3 settings and I still can't ge my machine to run right. Without the...
  6. Starting Out With Rhino.....What Do I need?

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey boyz, 13 yr old kid here with an 09 rhino se my familly jus got a rhino and im wondering what i shud do to deck it out as a newb...hehe... im gonna have a tough time convicing parents to go for HUGE mods, or rly expensive stuff, but...... im kinda wondering about the following... -winch...