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  1. Engine
    i put a new diaphragm and pilot screw in. quote- so today she acts completly different... didnt wanna start at first. with the choke on it idles really high and after a couple secs the engine starts to knock a bit. when i drop the choke it will idle like normally (its never idled more than 2...
  2. Engine
    ok so i ran my 04 660 down a paved road and back. maybe a half a mile there and back. (i ran around 35 down the road) when i got back i started to let off the throttle and it started to die i came to a stop and it very loudly backfired and shut off. and wont fire back up. itll turn over but wont...
  3. Engine
    ok so i just installed my UTV crap exhaust tip on my 04 rhino, (it has 4200 miles) and i just noticed that when im running high rpms in neutral or driving in high that it blows out some purple smoke, steady in neutral and puffs while running around 38 mph. whats goin on here? and how do i fix...
1-3 of 3 Results