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  1. Help 07 Rhino 450 will not go into gear

    New on the site. I have a 2007 Rhino 450 with 712 mi. that I just pisked up. Starts and motor sounds good but will not go into gear. All the linkage is in very good shape and the lights on the dash show it shifting the low gear light will not come on but will not move at all . Makes no noise at...
  2. 2006 660 Rhino will not shift to reverse

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 06 660 and I am having difficulties when shifting into reverese. It will eventually shift but I have to keep putting it in H then shift if really quick to R and after about 3 or 4 or more times it will finally catch reverse. Is this a problem with my drive belt or my after market...
  3. 2007 660 shifting problem

    My shifting gear stick is free flowing and stuck in high(which isnt too bad but would like to fix). Anybody help with this? I was thinking like a plastic linkage to engage the shifter broke? Help please. Thanks Rob:azflag: