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  1. 65 mph possible? 50 mph cruising?

    CVT, Sheaves and Wet Clutch
    Recently purchased a Calif. street legal Rhino. Just got some 25" DOT Radial tires. Right now top speed is 42-45 mph. Only upgrade is an old Dynatec CDI, stock air cleaner, carb jets?, and exhaust. If I upgrade it a better intake (K&N) and aftermarket exhaust, and a 9000 rpm CDI, what top...
  2. Secondary Nut

    CVT, Sheaves and Wet Clutch
    Hey Guys I've been trying to replace my CVT belt and having a time and a half with this thing. :12: My 2013 has a plastic fan misaligned with the secondary separation holes. So now I have to loosen or remove the secondary nut so I can thread the bolts, but the smother fudger won't break. When...
  3. Primary Sheave Failure

    First post, but I have been reading many threads on here and it has been helpful. I just purchased my first side by side, and my first Rhino. It is a 2007 660 (carb), completely stock except the wheels and tires. It has 280 hours, 2600 miles. The wheels are: Front 26x9x14 Maxxis Mud Bog R...
  4. WTB Machined 660 Sheave

    Rhino Parts
    My machined sheave blew up and two of the rollers turned sideways. two of the walls that the rollers slide in broke of and also messed up the cam plate. So... I need the complete 660 sheave. I would prefer one with greaseless weights but for the right price, I'll take what I can get. No junk...
  5. 660 clutch problems. Won't idle when I throw it in gear.

    I am a new rhino owner and recently did a motor swap. However... The clutch is giving me trouble. When I put it in gear it shifts super hard and then it clunks, lurches and dies. The belt rides on top of front pulley but it seems to drop down between the pulleys when I throttle up in...
  6. 2006 660 Rhino will not shift to reverse

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a 06 660 and I am having difficulties when shifting into reverese. It will eventually shift but I have to keep putting it in H then shift if really quick to R and after about 3 or 4 or more times it will finally catch reverse. Is this a problem with my drive belt or my after market...