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  1. Reverse light stuck on?

    General Rhino Discussion
    The reverse light on my 07 660 is stuck on. I saw that you could bypass the sensor by grounding out the sensor wire so I tried grounding it to the battery and the reverse light still wouldn’t go off. Right now I can’t get it to run because it isn’t getting spark either. Earlier today I turned it...
  2. 700 Reverse problems

    hey guys, having a little problem with my 2009-700. machine works perfect in forward both hi and low. when i'm in reserve it's giving me all kinds of grief. on flat ground is works fine. backs up no problem. when trying to back up a hill or over obstacles when i press the gas the engine...
  3. rev limiter at 15mph in all gears already grounded reverse sensor wire

    its a 2007 660, done a lot of searching, realize my problem with the rev limiter at 15mph was from the reverse sensor, grounded the wire less than 5" from the cdi box straight to the battery. problem went away for a couple test rides and now has come back. reverse light is out till I hit the...
  4. Overheating

    General Rhino Discussion
    On a hard ride this last weekend, my ride overheated. I didn't hear the fan on and shut her off. Switch the key into run (not started) and the fan came on and ran. It cycled off and on a few times. Started her back up and the heat warning went off. We went another couple of miles and the...