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  1. Yamaha Rhinos For Sale
    i hafta sell my Rhino..... i really dont want to. i am able to hang on to it for maybe about 6 weeks so im really just gonna see what kinda offers i get. its rebuild, has mods in sig, its fast. runs 60 and gets there pretty dang fast in my opinion. sounds beautiful with the HMF. i have pics in...
  2. Rhino Parts
    i have a set of 04 660 shocks it pretty good shape for sale (first come first get) if you want them i will need some time to get them off and get something else on. text or call 910-580-1879 or pm me
  3. Rhino Parts
    i have a stock 660 CDI, stock clutch, stock secondary spring, 8000k HIDs and i think i have some other parts layin around here too. i also have paint. i have 3 cans or green spray paint and 4 cans of white Krylon. *MUST SELL BY TUESDAY*. shoot me offers. post here, PM or text 910-580-1879
  4. General Member Classifieds
    i have a stock rhino 660 exhaust (in great shape), a clutch, CDI, 8K HIDs, 4 black rims and nearly bald tires i want to trade for a aftermarket exhaust. text 910-580-1879.
  5. Yamaha Rhinos For Sale
    I have a 2008 rhino SV1 well tons stuff on it. would like 4x4 since I live where there is snow I like to ice race. it has never been driven in the snow.
  6. General Rhino Discussions
    ok so since all u ppl on here know rhinos... i need life advice. ive got the rhino in my sig with mods listed + windshield, black soft top. now first thing is, watcha think it may be worth? has 4300 miles and around 1300 hrs. now where i am. im 16, dont have my license yet, but hope to get it as...
1-6 of 6 Results