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  1. Engine
    Just wanted to say thanks as you have read I had some problems with my Rhino cutting out @ wot. Today I put back in the 160 dyna jet that I started with and took the engine cover off and plugged the hole in cover and removed the snorkel and wow what a difference. It now runs like a pissed off...
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    I run my Rhino(2004 660) for a bit and then turn it off and if I go to start it back up within a few minutes it wont start and I have to wait like 20 mins to start By the way, Im new to the forum and appreciate all the input I can get...Thanks Joey
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Hey everyone, I’ve had the rhino for years but am new to the forum. Sifted through a lot, so now it's time to ask the same ole questions that are always asked--what kind of upgrades? I did search and read a lot, but it quickly runs together. I have a 2006 660 sport with 649.1 miles on it that...
  4. Engine
    My 660 will backfire and stall over 10 mph. But out of gear in neutral, I can get the rpm very high with no performance troble. The air cleaner is clean. Any clue to solving this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Engine
    Hey, had my 07 660 now for about a month and still have these couple of issues. First off it is still slipping in the wet clutch or somewhere when going downhill and engine is holding back but I noticed it only does this in high gear and not in low. Would it still be the one way bearing in...
  6. Engine
    i may be used to dirtbikes, but are you supposed to coat the air filter with anything?? on my dirtbikes I always use a foam filter oil to coat the filter and it catches all the small dirt particles rather than getting sucked into the motor. thanks 06 660
  7. Engine
    Sorry buy I tried the search and did not find any info so here it goes. I just installed my CDI into my 06 660 and now it seems to be running lean going off of smell of exhaust. The kit says no adjustments needed but I am thinking maybe I do. I also just bought the Rhino and changed the oil and...
  8. New Members
    hello people im new to the site so any help would be much appreciated. I got a 07 rhino 660 had it for about three years now, and last year i broke the front diff so i took the front end apart and its been sittin for about 11 months or so. but yesterday i put a new front diff in and got...
  9. Engine
    hey guys so heres the deal. every time i go to start my rhino I have to sit there with my foot on the gas pedal and just raise the idle abit to get the blood flowing and the choke knob gets sucked back towards the dash so I have to physically hold the choke knob out while burping the throttle to...
  10. Engine
    If my rhino sits for two weeks with out being started it wont start. Acts like fuel drains out. So I crank it and battery dies. Any advice. If I start it once a week it starts every time but if it sits it wont start.
  11. Engine
    hey guys. i have been chasing this problem for about a year now.. untit. 05 686 mudbuster cam. ported and polished. HD hot rod crank stock stroke. black rhino electric fuel pump. removed stator side fan and housing.. relocated oil cooler and radiator. sphinon break this is how you get it to...
1-12 of 82 Results