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  1. Spark arrestor mod ideas?

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a '98 Ruesch XR 500 (pronounced "Rhino copy)....I just realized (right before I almost took it to some southern Ohio STATE trails), that I have no spark arrestor in the stock exhaust !! (Spark arrestors are mandatory here).My problem is that the stock exhaust has no arrestor and and...
  2. Where 2 buy the correct Fuel Gage ?

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hi! I have searched all over this site,along with the standard auto parts stores, but still can't find it! I have a 500cc 2008 Ruesch XL, and I need a fuel gage ......the stock sending unit has a weird spec, and I can't seem to find a gage to match the Specs. The sending unit is 3 ohms @ full...