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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    I see after-market adjustable tops a number of places but the reviews don't seem very kind. I have a 2009 450 that I'd like to put a hard top on. I don't see anyplace to get an actual OEM molded top. Are there any good-fitting tops out there and if so, where do you get them?
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    Can't wait to get my new soft doors and rear window from PR PRODUCTS UTV. www.shockpros.com/utv_accessories.cfm
  3. Want To Buy
    Need a Full windshield and Stock Plastic roof for a 2006 660. please email or text me at 623-703-0294 if you have them
  4. Want To Buy
    Hello, i would like to buy an oem roof for my 2009 rhino. i have checked the shipping charges, they are crazy, i would be better off going to the yamaha dealer. So if anyone has one to sell with a couple few hours from southern illinois please let me know. 618-303-0965
  5. Rhino Parts
    I have the stock roof and support bars off of my new 09 Sport Edition. I have put a new roll bar and soft top on mine and have these sitting in my garage if interested please let me know and I can get pictures if needed. I would like to at least get $200 out of it all. I never even drove the...
1-5 of 5 Results