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  1. Engine
    Just got myself a 2008 rhino. Bone stock. I used to own a Teryx. Not too impressed with the power and speed of my rhino so far. It seems to be hitting the rev limiter at 40mph. What needs to be done to juice it up a little? Don't want to do anything extreme, just get a little more speed and...
  2. Engine
    Just replaced rollers in my rigid sheave and was told to go with orange spring instead of blue with 14 gram rollers. I put new rollers and spring in and have alot less power and only runs 40mph instead of 51. What could be wrong? Thanks in advance
  3. Wheels and Tires
    New to the sight just bought 07 450 rhino I'm looking at running 27 big horns or itps but do not want to loose the little bit of top end I have at 38 also thinking of running hotrods Sheeve if I need two.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Im wanting to know how much more power you get upgrading the clutch.
  5. Engine
    So I finally pulled the trigger on a JBS Hot Rod racing sheave with OD weights. I am a natural born skeptic and a broke college kid so spending any $$ on anything takes hours and/or days of research , so I figured I would write an informative series of trials with before and after times as well...
  6. Engine
    i have an 06 with a rigid sheave. blue spring not sure weight of the rollers. all but one of the rollers is is very worn like they have been sliding. is this out of the ordinary. anyone know what gram weights i should order to replace? thanks
  7. Engine
    I have a 2008 700 - I have a MDI CDI box in place and am working on a clutch sheave from hunterworks. He also recommended the Muzzy Pipe.. But 700 dollars.. Thats steep for exhaust. Any thoughts on this. I like the muzzy sound and the CDi box is preprogrammed by hunterworks for this pipe. Do you...
  8. General Rhino Discussions
    I have a chance to buy a brand new 2011 yamaha 700 se for $10k. This was a contest prize somebody won. Did yamaha make a "special edition" and a "sport edition" in 2011? This seller is calling it a special edition, but i think its a sport edition. Does anybody know?
  9. Engine
    This is off an '08 700, stock, except for this HW OD slider kit. After 750 miles of desert trail running on the sliders, I decided to see how they were doing. I could still hit 50+ on GPS and had no performance problems. Actually, I was looking for an excuse to get the HOT Rod sheave. ;)...
  10. General Rhino Discussions
    Edwin (BIGKAT660) made the trek from LA to my house, about 2.5 hours so i could install his new JBS sheave, Orange spring, and new belt. so i tore down his CVT and got all the peices of the belt out and pulled the fixed sheave (behind the primary) out so i could sand the grooves out...
  11. General Rhino Discussions
    What is the coolest upgrade you've done to your Rhino.I would have to say Putting on BH tires really made a nice ride.
  12. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    anything available to correct the speedo and mileage readings when you install larger tires.
  13. Engine
    Does anyone know if a Rhino machined sheave will work on a grizzly? I have a Grizzly owner interested in my sheave but I'm not sure if it will work or even make a difference for him. I know hunter works is using the Grizzly sheave and milling it for his new sheave design.
  14. General Rhino Discussions
    I own a 2005 660, it has 26x10x12 mudlites and everything else is pretty much stock, i broke a belt and replaced it with a new OEM, when i replaced it i cleaned the sheave and noticed the weights were misplaced, i put it back together and now when i take off it squeaks and i can hear it slipping...
  15. Engine
    I just sold my grizzly and bought an 07 rhino this weekend. So far so good, however the top speed is only 37 MPH. It gets there nice and smooth, then governs out at 37, with the factory wheels and tires and also with 27" mudlights. I had read a few forums that mention it might be the belt, so...
  16. General Rhino Discussions
    i need some help i have a 2006 rhino 660 with a performance sheave k&n filter new belt jet kit msd speed enhancer 26inch outlaw stock exhaust top speed is only 47mph does that sound right
  17. General Rhino Discussions
    i bought my rhino 2 days ago it has 1200 miles its a 2007 660 anyways when i test drove it it felt like the ebrake or something was sticking on it seems like a lot of gas is needed to get it to start moving and it seems really jerky even worse on corners almost as if 4 wheel drive is on but...
  18. General Rhino Discussions
    I ordered a jbs hot rod rhino sheave Sunday, I received it today and installed it today. It is awesome, ran it up and down the road a couple times and there is a night and day difference in my rhino. Craig at rutting rhino was absolutely great to order from and deal with, and James was awesome...
1-18 of 30 Results