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  1. Engine
    hey, Lookin to get some hard numbers on how the rhinos runnin. what do the experienced members here recommend for a good A/f meter?
  2. Engine
    Hey Guys, In brief: Just bought this thing couple weeks back and finally had a chance to take it out. Rode about 10 miles, started sputting and stalled. Not pumping fuel out of the tank. Blew thru all the lines. tried bypassing the fuel filter. Has a Mr Gasket electric fule pump on it that is...
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Gentleman.....I'm about to put a match to this thing!!!! I've posted this earlier and have tried everyone's advice and it still hasn't helped. I brought it to a reputable mechanic here in Crosby and he had it for a couple weeks with no luck. He simply apologized, told me there would be no charge...
1-3 of 4 Results