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  1. New Members
    Hello everyone. My wife and I sovesem recently bought a 2011 Yamaha Rhino 700. We travel a lot and have our own video blog on YouTube " YouTube ". As you nover know, Russia is a piece of ice on planet earth. We have few roads and many bears!) Every weekend we go somewhere to shoot a new video...
  2. Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    I bought a used 2006 rhino 450 last year. Had no issues with it. Did replace the fuel pump, put in an oem pump. The previous owner had tried an electronic one and there was always gas dripping/running from the carburetor drain(overflow?) tube. The mechanical pump fixed that annoyance. A few...
  3. Bennche
    Hello all been a member for years but don't post much. Had an 04 rhino 660 and just got a deal on a 19 bennche tboss 750. I know it's a clone but it looked sharp and couldn't pass the deal up. So anyways it needs brake pads, I ordered some but want some sooner anyone know if this clone matches...
  4. Local Rides and Events
    Hello I own a rhino 660 and the last few rides I rode on it every time it has either blew the end off the muffler or hole in the exhaust does anyone know what could be causing this to keep happening
  5. RhinoForums News
    Curious if anyone has removed a lift on their rhino switching back to stock?
  6. Transmission and Drivetrain
    Using my 05 Rhino 660 this week duck hunting and about 100 yards into a flooded rice field the Rhino just stopped moving and sounded like it was not catching the gears in 4wd, 2wd, forward and reverse. Sounds fine at idle. Any ideas on what this may be? I just got back and have not had a...
  7. Midwest / Texas
    Have a 2006 Rhino 660. Bought several years ago and have had ongoing problems with fuel pumps. I have been through 4 genuine Yamaha fuel pumps and was recently talked into trying a completely different type of pump by reasonably good mechanic. Result is always the same lines have been checked...
  8. General Rhino Discussion
    Our rhino 450 quit on us, still turns over but has a real bad knock. Somewhere it lost its oil.... And we are looking into putting a 660 in it if we can find one, I am in central MO and if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be awesome! Thanks
  9. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    For sale 2007 Yamaha Rhino 720cc, freshly built 720cc stroker motor by CAMSHAW very low hours on motor and runs strong, HCR heavy duty spindles, +6 long travel with coil overs and resevoirs, shocks have been re-valved to cars specs, custom roll cage, 40" light bar, bucket seats, (2) complete...
  10. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    Craigslist Ad 2009 Yamaha Rhino 700FI Sport Edition Selling my 2009 Yamaha Rhino Sport Edition in GREAT condition. Bought Rhino brand new thinking I would go to the desert all the time and that just never happened... I ended up using it more for work than fun (I'm an event medic)... 1690...
  11. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    I have a 2011 Rhino I acquired from my grandparents who have only put 340 miles on it. Everything on it is in mint condition. It has a winch. Ducks Unlimited Special Edition What do you think I could sell this for? Close to $10,000? Would anyone on here be interested? Thanks
  12. Engine
    I'm having hell with my rhino it is 700 fuel injected , I completely rebuilt the engine new crankshaft, piston ,valves , and water pump gears and chain , new spark plug , oil and filter and headgasket set ! Now my problem when I crank it up it will idle for just a second and the it won't idle on...
  13. Engine
    2009 Rhino 700. Can I just take the driven balance gear off to replace the oil / water pump chain or do I have to pull the flywheel off as well.
  14. Engine
    hey guys, having a little problem with my 2009-700. machine works perfect in forward both hi and low. when i'm in reserve it's giving me all kinds of grief. on flat ground is works fine. backs up no problem. when trying to back up a hill or over obstacles when i press the gas the engine...
  15. General Rhino Discussion
    Found a 2006 rhino 660 for $5500. Now it has 4400 miles on it 556 hours. Looks well maintained. New tires,belt and clutch redone. Has aftermarket winch. Doors. Kenwood stereo and speaker and aftermarket exhaust. Looks nice. Used in arazona lots of road riding and some sand riding. I'm wanting a...
  16. Rhino Parts
    Have a custom made truck bed extender and ramps that allow to to load your Rhino in your truck without towing. Plus, has a hitch receiver to tow a trailer, toy hauler or boat if you want. $400. Local Pick up in Huntington Beach. Picture shows a jack rack in the tow hitch carrying a motorcycle...
  17. Want To Buy
    Hey people! Hoping someone can help me out. Looking to purchase a used engine for my 2005 rhino 660. let me know if anyone had one to sell. Thanks! Email me at [email protected]
  18. Tutorials
    I have a 2008 Rhino 700 with a reverse issue. When I shift to reverse it takes off as if the throttle is stuck but it is not as it does not happen in forward. It seems the more strain the more harder it hits the throttle automatically like backing up a hill. If I back up at an idle on a flat...
  19. General Rhino Discussion
    Hoping someone could help me out. I have 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 camo. Its been a great vehicle with very few issues. A few weeks a go we experienced a good amount of rain in West Texas. I took the Rhino out and had to put in 4 wheel drive due to the excessive mud. 2 days later things dried up a...
1-19 of 129 Results