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  1. Purchased 06 660 from FL, need your rebuild company suggestions

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    Hello all, I'm new to the UTV world, have had a 2000 kodiak 400 for two years now, buying it for $500 non-running and fixed it up, then used it at River Ranch in Central Florida . Then my buddies convinced me to upgrade to a Side by side. I just picked up a 06 Rhino 660 for $2500, it had a...
  2. 660 downhill, engine brake stops, free wheels, stalls when reingages

    General Rhino Discussion
    So my 660 has difficulty shifting between gears, shift linkage feels loose, has been getting worse. Going to check the linkage. I think it's unrelated but when going down hill the engine braking sometimes stops causing the machine to free wheel as if in neutral, the engine idles and brakes need...
  3. clutch replacement

    General Rhino Discussion
    Recently i purchased a 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 i cant afford to give it to a dealer and get charged $1200 plus i would rather do this myself to know how to do it.... when i first got it i noticed brakes were grabbing got brand new pads, rotors and calipers to be safe and it seemed a little better...
  4. ISO Rhino resi shocks

    Rhino Parts
    Hi, like the title says I'm in search of some rhino resi shocks. Curious if anyone has some laying around or has a deal on them. Thanks in advance.
  5. 3 Stock axles, 3 shafts aftermarket/stock

    Rhino Parts
    off a 2005 660, Boots are in great condition rhino had about 700 miles on it when removed and I was running stock wheels and tires. Sold the rhino time for some parts to go. I also have the stock cage sitting around like a lot of others I am sure. I'll add pics later
  6. Ignition Problem No Spark

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    My friend has a 2006 Rhino 660 that I am helping him work on...we were out riding and he went about 100yrds and then shut the machine down but it would not fire off...He has the Black rhino cdi module he is running.....The motor turns over fine and gas is getting to carbs...I have ohmed the...
  7. Rhino parts

    Rhino Parts
    I have a stock clutch, stock CDI, stock spring, 8000K HIDs, a full FMF exhaust for rhino 700, 2 sets of 12" black rims and tires with 70% tread on one set the other are stock tires about 5-10% tread. text 910-580-1879 for info and pics or pm me.
  8. rhino 660 complete motor for sale......

    Rhino Parts
    I have a complete 660 motor for sale. Runs great.low hours and comes with black rhino cdi.also has a k&n air filter and uni filter for the belt housing. Anymore questions can text me at 6613432457. 2150 obo......
  9. Part Out Rhino 660 Parts for sale

    Rhino Parts
    Hi Guys, I bought a trashed Rhino 660 thinking I could fix it up for a cheap ride this summer. Well after dozens of hours and lots of $$$ , I have given up on my project. I have listed some parts that I have purchased that were never used. They are priced below what I paid for them. I'm just...
  10. For Sale-Fox shocks Piggy back

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have a set of 4 practically brand new Fox 2.0 Rhino shocks. these shocks are in great condition and retail at 1799.99 plus tax. Im only asking 1200. out the door plus shipping. I live in the Inland Empire, let me know if you are interested.
  11. need digital dash for 06 rhino

    Want To Buy
    I bought a 2006 and it has the idiot light set up. I have been told I could convert to digital with a plug and play digital dash.Looking for the correct unit to just plug and run. Thanks Terry
  12. Need a 2006 660 motor if I cant find oneI will sell or part out my Rhino

    Rhino Parts
    blew my engine today. need a 660 for my 2006. please text me at 623-703-0294 if yo uhave one. If I cant find one ill sell as is or part out.. Fully loaded and great shape( other than motor) has 1250 miles and 125 hours. tons of upgrades . Before this happend today it was sellale for 8900 easy Im...
  13. 07 digital dash from rhino 660 se

    Rhino Parts
    I bought this for my 06 660 but the connectors are different. paid 150 for it so that's what i would like. excellent condition have pictures
  14. Need a motor

    Want To Buy
    I have a 2005 rhino with the 686 kit and a hole in the bottom end. i dont want to rebuild it just want to get a stock 660 engine> so if any has one email me. <THANKS> [email protected]
  15. Rhino 660 overheating when going slow

    I am spraying my fence row and as I go real slow, my Rhino begins to overheat. I thought it needed water so I started driveing to barn and the light went off. Turned around and went to work again and it overheated again. Drove back to the barn and it cooled off while driving there. Water or...