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  1. Engine
    hey guys havent been on in awhile. got a question. put dynatek, uni filter and a hmf slip-on on my 05 rhino..should i go up in jet size now? have sheave and 14g rollers
  2. Engine
    Sorry buy I tried the search and did not find any info so here it goes. I just installed my CDI into my 06 660 and now it seems to be running lean going off of smell of exhaust. The kit says no adjustments needed but I am thinking maybe I do. I also just bought the Rhino and changed the oil and...
  3. New Members
    hello people im new to the site so any help would be much appreciated. I got a 07 rhino 660 had it for about three years now, and last year i broke the front diff so i took the front end apart and its been sittin for about 11 months or so. but yesterday i put a new front diff in and got...
  4. Engine
    hey guys so heres the deal. every time i go to start my rhino I have to sit there with my foot on the gas pedal and just raise the idle abit to get the blood flowing and the choke knob gets sucked back towards the dash so I have to physically hold the choke knob out while burping the throttle to...
  5. Engine
    would i need to change the fuel screw setting or setup the pilot jet to fix this issue thanks
  6. Tutorials
    Some of you have said in the past that there is a special tip Phillips screw driver available that will grip the oem screws on the carb and make it possible to get them out without stripping the head... If any of you have this tool and/or can post pics or a link it would be greatly...
1-6 of 15 Results