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  1. Engine
    Just purchased the Rutting Rhino Fuel Pump kit with the lines, My Stock pump finally took a @#$%....New to the forum and have read nothing but good things about "Craig" and his set up....So I wanted to support the Vendors on the forum.
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    hay guy I drove the rhino to day and I was doing 25mph spiters a guy i know said to check the fuel filter it see thur one looks ok so can it be the fuel pump or in the carb and is it very hard to severs the clutch thanks if you help:fingersx:
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    I am considering changing my OEM pump out or putting in an inline electric fuel pump the one I am looking at is Mr. Gasket Part No. 12S Specs: 4-7 PSI, 35 GPH. Universal design for most domestic 4, 6, & 8 cylinder carburetor applications.in as a pony pump so to speak.. I am not an engine guy...
1-3 of 12 Results