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  1. Carburetors, Tuning and Modifications
    I’m not a mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. My daughter ran the rhino out of gas. Added gas and it wouldn’t start. Pulled the carb, sprayed the jets out, cleaned but no luck. Ordered a cheap carb from Amazon and it wouldn’t do anything. Pulled everything apart on the old carb, cleaned...
  2. General Rhino Discussions
    I run my Rhino(2004 660) for a bit and then turn it off and if I go to start it back up within a few minutes it wont start and I have to wait like 20 mins to start By the way, Im new to the forum and appreciate all the input I can get...Thanks Joey
  3. Engine
    My 660 will backfire and stall over 10 mph. But out of gear in neutral, I can get the rpm very high with no performance troble. The air cleaner is clean. Any clue to solving this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Engine
    If my rhino sits for two weeks with out being started it wont start. Acts like fuel drains out. So I crank it and battery dies. Any advice. If I start it once a week it starts every time but if it sits it wont start.
1-5 of 16 Results