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  1. Engine
    Just wanted to say thanks as you have read I had some problems with my Rhino cutting out @ wot. Today I put back in the 160 dyna jet that I started with and took the engine cover off and plugged the hole in cover and removed the snorkel and wow what a difference. It now runs like a pissed off...
  2. Engine
    high-flow intake vs just a putting a new filter in my airbox Im getting ready to get either a intaake or filter for my rhino and I'm going to jet it as well when I do so. My question is how much of a gain will you get with a intake over just a high flow filter in a stock bxox? Is it really...
  3. Engine
    I just installed an engine that was recently built and tuned by chris at benchmark, It is a 686 with cams and valves and minor other mods and a Mikuni flat slide carb. It is running a dynatech cdi. Under load it cuts out as if it had a rev limiter. After the RPMs increase it runs great... it...
1-3 of 10 Results