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  1. General Rhino Discussion
    Anyone know if a rhino 660 carb will fit a rhino 450?
  2. General Rhino Discussion
    I have a set of 4 practically brand new Fox 2.0 Rhino shocks. these shocks are in great condition and retail at 1799.99 plus tax. Im only asking 1200. out the door plus shipping. I live in the Inland Empire, let me know if you are interested.
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Im sure everyone is tired of these posts, but i am just starting my Rhino project. Ive had my '06 450 for a few years and abused the $h!t out of it and had a lot of fun with it. but now im going to go back and throw on some Krylon Fusion paint, order some parts that need replaced and add a bunch...
  4. General Rhino Discussion
    Baja Designs is celebrating 20 years of providing the best off-road lighting systems and accessories. For our entire anniversary year of 2012, Baja Designs will be offering the same wide array of quality-driven products, and at special anniversary pricing! Come celebrate with us by taking...
  5. Engine
    Needing some help. My rhino is loading up on idle. When revved it seems fine. Drinks a bunch of fuel while idling. I have cleaned carburetor. Need some ideas of what can cause this. Thanks.
  6. Engine
    well my rhino only has 370 miles did 38 top end on pavement did not buy it for speed i have my moded out grizz for that but would like to get down to fishing spot a little quicker.long story short i did some reading and some guys claimed more top end with dynatek cdi and coil i installed today...
  7. Engine
    after a long slow down hill 440 just quits its a 2009 any help,thanks in advance.my son also has one that dose same.
  8. Engine
    i jetted my rhino 450 and i was wondering is there a guage that i can buy that will make sure it is dead on with the ratio? i hear the spark plug is the best way to check for it but how i never really understood it can anyone give me advice for it? thanks is advance
  9. Engine
    Im working on an 06 450 rhino, it is a job and not my own. It is all stock. The valves were just adjusted. The air filter is clean and oiled. The gas smells good but i dont know the age. Before i adjusted the valves i started it up when he dropped it off. It fired right up with the choke. I...
1-9 of 9 Results