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  1. Split case and found parts???

    Does anyone know where these could be from. I bought a 2007 grizzly 700 bottom end for the case and possible crank but when I split it I found about 15 of these pins in the bottom. I checked the needle bearing in the clutch drum and the one in the transmission assembly and the are both ok...
  2. Where to buy new 700 engine or rebuild

    I am looking for a place to rebuild my rhino 700 or buy a new one from. I have searched google but did not come up with much. Any recommendations would be great Thanks
  3. Resleeving a cylinder?

    I'm in the process of rebuilding my 06 660 due to the rod blowing a hole in the bottom of the case as big as a soft ball! So I bought new cases, stroker crank and rod, piston and sleeve for cylinder and everything else I should need. I pressed out the old sleeve and pressed the new one in...
  4. 450 compression test

    what should the psi be on a compression test for a 450?? can any body shoot me a diagram so if i have to rebuild the motor (it will be my first) i will have a guidline to do it by? thanks in advance