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rear differential

  1. Rear Differential Seal Drift Tool

    I replaced the left axle oil seal in the rear differential on my 660 rhino yesterday. I used a hockey puck as the drift and it worked perfect. I had my wife hold it in place while I used a 2x2, 12 inch long piece of wood and a 2lb sledge to tap it in place. I suppose if you were working alone...
  2. Locating a rearend!!

    General Rhino Discussion
    I am currently having the hardest time I have ever had when trying to locate a few parts. I am needing a rear diff (used or new) for a 2008 450. I CANNOT find one anywhere. The only thing I can find close to what I'm looking for on eBay is for a 2006-07... nothing for an 08+. If anyone has any...
  3. Rear Axle popped out!!!

    General Rhino Discussion
    My rear axle popped out at Mud Nats this weekend. Is this common? I just had the motor built by Alba Racing and it has way more torque. Could this be a potential reoccuring problem? Are their any upgrades to strenghten the rear or front diff, perhaps aftermarket? Or is it time for new axles? Any...
  4. Rear Differential Brackets

    General Rhino Discussion
    I have noticed some posts on rear differential brackets braking and wanted to offer anyone with the problem that I ran into the opportunity to fix this issue for a fair price. My Rear differential bracket broke and I measured, lasered, and then bent an identical bracket. Then welded the thing...