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  1. Hello & Help

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    Hello, new to the forum always wanted a SXS and pulled the trigger on one and it has already begun with repairs. I just bought a used 06 660 and it has been modified quite a bit. Lift, HID lights, radio, clutch kit, top gun computer, two batteries, etc... When looked at it ran fine started up...
  2. Easier Gas Cap

    General Rhino Discussion
    Anyone know of a gas cap that's easier to remove from the Rhino? The stock one is hard to get on and off.
  3. nembie has a issue.. HELP..

    ok so I have a 04 rhino 660. I bought it from a big time hunter and moved to arizona with it. The guy said that he had the motor rebuilt with a weisco piston, didnt change the compression. Now I got the rhino for 3900.00 and it had a piston slap noise.. well at least im pretty sure thats what it...