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  1. Engine
    both are full systems. i have a FMF right now that i havent put on yet and have a option to get a HMF dual. which has a better sound? which makes better power? i want a nice fairly loud system but not unbearably loud.
  2. Engine
    hey, with the mods in my sig and and a full FMF exhaust, where should i start on my jets? ill be using the Dynojet kit. and i dont have a heat shield. what should i do in replace of it?
  3. General Rhino Discussions
    Is it possible to get even more low end out the Rhino? I mainly use mine for work and rarely ever hit more than about 25mph.
  4. Engine
    so yall know the fan thats on the side of the motor? well why not redirect the air flow from it into the intake or make a secondary intake just for it? anybody ever tried it?
  5. Engine
    i have a random backfire every now and then, dunno why. on power, so i was thinkin about a Rotax swap but now after seein the $6K number im like f*** that noise. i have a fully rebuilt motor with a Namura piston. i want more power to get up and move but i dont want to lose any reliability. what...
1-5 of 6 Results