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  1. Engine
    so ill start with, i hate my current Namura. it was supposed to be a JE and my mechanic thought it better to go cheap because i was going to sell it. so now this piston has 233 miles on it. i run high rpms alot and im afraid its gonna give out and be pretty bad. so, i want to go CP or JE. i...
  2. Engine
    read this thread first- http://www.rhinoforums.net/engine/68199-purple-smoke-axle-noises-brakes-squealing-help-2.html ok so to add to that.. i had a full service done a few weeks ago and when i checked the oil today it was completely empty..... now what.... any ideas what would cause all the...
  3. Engine
    ok heres the issue about 2ish weeks ago i started having light blue smoke so i did a comp check and i was only 15 psi low, ok thats fine for a yr of hard ridin. next step i orderd a lk down tester but couldnt wait 2 weeks to get it here to alaska so i tore into my motor to find out that my...
1-3 of 3 Results