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  1. Engine
    KMS vs. K&N Intake kits Anyone used either on a 2007 660. I'm looking into both. I am a little confused on the carb diaphragm hose. KMS just puts a filter on theirs and K&N has a place on the intake tube to put a grommet and the fitting. Thoughts?
  2. Engine
    I'm looking to get a Cdi box for my 07 660. I found one that is called performance cdi it's one of the cheaper ones online. Has anyone tried that one and is it any good.
  3. Engine
    I recently received a 2006 450 and need a new exhaust (old one was trashed) and looking online found some pretty decent ones for the 660. Question is does the 660 exhaust fit on the 450? Thanks.
  4. Engine
    We just bought an '09 Rhino Sport 700 and am new to the community...Hello! We intend to ride this dude half at low altitude and half above 9000'. I have a backseat conversion and bring kids along on trail rides and don't race, but don't want to poop along either. Looking to invest some bucks to...
  5. Rhino Parts
    Ron Woods exhaust for 660 Mods please delete thread. Exhaust no longer for sale.... Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results