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  1. Tops That Actually Fit

    General Rhino Discussion
    I see after-market adjustable tops a number of places but the reviews don't seem very kind. I have a 2009 450 that I'd like to put a hard top on. I don't see anyplace to get an actual OEM molded top. Are there any good-fitting tops out there and if so, where do you get them?
  2. parts for a steal!

    Rhino Parts
    i need 150 by Fri. i have a brand spankin new set of 8000K HIDs, stock clutch, stock CDI, stock secondary spring, a green/black soft top (has a tear in the side but was super glued and works fine) and i think i have a few other things ill sell for 150 + shipping. i can also throw in some...
  3. if i was to sell my rhino...

    General Rhino Discussion
    if i was to sell my Rhino should i part it out till its back to stock then sell it or sell it as a whole? just lookin for opinions here. sadly if i sell i wont be getting another side by side :15: ..... i find people dont seem to like the Rhino. The cops dont like it either... and its not just...
  4. Rhino parts

    Rhino Parts
    I have a stock clutch, stock CDI, stock spring, 8000K HIDs, a full FMF exhaust for rhino 700, 2 sets of 12" black rims and tires with 70% tread on one set the other are stock tires about 5-10% tread. text 910-580-1879 for info and pics or pm me.
  5. 2004 Rhino Parts

    Rhino Parts
    I have an '04 Rhino that I use as a parts utv. Not much has been removed from it though. I can send pictures of specific parts upon request. I'll make a fair deal on part and shipment.
  6. stock 660 exhaust and parts

    Misc For Sale
    i have a stock rhino 660 exhaust (in great shape), a clutch, CDI, 8K HIDs, 4 black rims and nearly bald tires i want to trade for a aftermarket exhaust. text 910-580-1879.
  7. rhino parts place in Canada

    Hi I buy from a few USA parts places but there shipping is crazy $70 + customs fees! I can't seem to find any good canadian parts places online? thanks
  8. red plastics for a rhino 660

    Want To Buy
    Im looking for a set of red plastics for my rhino, i have blue now but want to go for a differant look.... please send me a pic...thanks henry sanchez 702- 210- 3837 (las vegas nv):fingersx:
  9. Rhino Steering Rack

    Rhino Parts
    Brand New Rhino steering rack. OEM, will fit any year Rhino. $170.00... message me with any questions.
  10. anyone got a spare fuel pump stock or high flow

    I have electric fuel pump on there now but want a spare to bring on the trail. They want to much money up here in canada for a fuel pump. If anyone on here can hook me up with some distribution of parts I know alot of people that have rhinos and I go to all the meets. I order most of my stuff...
  11. Rhino Front And Rear Diffs, CV'S, Drivelines, Digital Dash For Sale

    Rhino Parts
    Front Diff $325 Shipped SOld Rear Diff $300 Shipped Sold Cv's $100 for All Four Fronts $100 for All Four Rears OR 175 For all Four Includes Shipping *SOLD* Drives Lines Front or Rear $50 Each Shipped. Sold Digital Dash $100 Shipped Sold Stock Radiator W/Fan and new radiator cap $150...
  12. Need an 05 stock Rhino Bed

    Want To Buy
    thanks killer miller fab!!!! I'm looking for a stock bed and tail gate for a Rhino. I don't need the fenders. I would prefer to pick it up in the inland empire area. I live in the Hemet area. Kelley from Killer Miller Fab. found one for me!!!! Thanks !!!!
  13. Brand new rhino parts!!

    Rhino Parts
    hello there ladies and gents, Ive got some brand new parts for sale. innovative motorsports in so cal unfortunatly went out of business early april so in an attempt to get rid of parts stiilll collecting dust thought i should sell it cheap here. >Ive got Rhino Front bumper..msrp $333 selling...