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  1. Engine
    so i no longer have a heat shield, exhaust mounts or any of that. sold it all. now i have a deal to get a FMF full system. do i need to put a heat shield on it again? i hope not. it drove me insane with it rattlin. so can i run without one? or is there anything else i can use in its place?
  2. Engine
    ok so my rear differential is raised up about 1/2-3/4 a inch because the mounts broke and the welder did a REALLY shitty job reweldin it. so now, im tryna get my exhaust out. how the heck do i do it?
  3. Want To Buy
    Hi, As the title says im looking for a 660 stock header!
  4. Engine
    title says it. whats the best muffler/exhaust for $300?
  5. Want To Buy
    Want to buy!!! any 660 dual exhaust system. :32:
  6. Want To Buy
    I've Got a 07 660 it had the stock exhaust on it but the guts were ripped out and had holes all in the muffler and header pipe when i got it so i bought a used aftermarket monster pipe and that's about too loud for me. would be interested in trading the monster pipe system for the stock system...
  7. Engine
    I recently received a 2006 450 and need a new exhaust (old one was trashed) and looking online found some pretty decent ones for the 660. Question is does the 660 exhaust fit on the 450? Thanks.
1-7 of 8 Results