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  1. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Can anyone tell me what speaker or light mounts to this bracket on the upper B pillar. It looks like it is not a custom job but mass produced. I cant find it anywhere. Going to do some upgrades and would not mind reusing if possible. Thanks attached a photo
  2. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    so i have 2 6.5" Pyle marine speakers with a pyle 2 channel amp out in my shed. how shud i put em on my rhino? im thinkin a box overhead the width of the roof and fitting between the 2 roof bars. any other thoughts or ideas?
  3. General Rhino Discussion
    Hello I bought a used cycle country plow for a dealer today and was looking to mount it 2007 660 rhino SE and I can't figure any way to mount it Help help help if someone could look at mount and let me know if it is right and if so how to mount it..
  4. Rhino Parts
    SOLD! Up for sale is a used condition Viper Max Series Winch rated at up to 3,000 pounds. This comes with a custom mount that fit it to my family's Yamaha Rhino 450 so it should fit to the front bumper on the 450's and the 660's to the best of my knowledge. If this is wrong, feel free to...
  5. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey guys and gals, I wanted to let you know we have a new billet light mount available for 1.5" and 1.75" tube that will allow you to easily mount Lights! It has a black anodized finish and a 1/2" mounting hole to accept all Soltek and most other lights and can also be used to mount accessories...
1-5 of 6 Results