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  1. Engine Swap
    Ok new to the forum here and have a few questions maybe a few guys have experience with.... Picked up an 07 rhino 660 had 420 hrs on dash motor sounded good had aftermarket clutch jet kit exahaust radiator relocation and fully snorkeled.... got this thing on a trade put 100 miles on it and...
  2. Engine
    so ill start with, i hate my current Namura. it was supposed to be a JE and my mechanic thought it better to go cheap because i was going to sell it. so now this piston has 233 miles on it. i run high rpms alot and im afraid its gonna give out and be pretty bad. so, i want to go CP or JE. i...
  3. Engine
    so yesterday me and a friend decided to give ridin a try again. went to a ATV/UTV park this time. we rode fairly hard for.. i would say maybe 4 hrs. took maybe 5 breaks and let everything cool back off. when i say riding hardish its -25mph most of the time but is mountainous riding. near the end...
  4. Engine
    hey, with the mods in my sig and and a full FMF exhaust, where should i start on my jets? ill be using the Dynojet kit. and i dont have a heat shield. what should i do in replace of it?
  5. Rhino Parts
    i have a 04 rhino 660 motor. fully rebuilt. bored 50 over, rebuilt crank, Hot Rods rod, Namura piston, UTV crap sheave, orange secondary spring. has 63 hrs on it. great shape. (includes full motor, and all CVT.) no snorkels or anything else. unhooked from driveshafts and the whole hunk besides...
  6. Engine
    so i no longer have a heat shield, exhaust mounts or any of that. sold it all. now i have a deal to get a FMF full system. do i need to put a heat shield on it again? i hope not. it drove me insane with it rattlin. so can i run without one? or is there anything else i can use in its place?
  7. Engine
    i may have a chance to get a Edelbrock 40 carb. it doesnt have a choke but it doesnt get very cold around here. is this a good carb or no?
  8. Engine
    so im looking to trade my rhino for a lifted 07 Renegade. But, if that doesnt go thru then i may just keep it. now my tires will need to be changed. whats a good mud tire but still ride good and not be heavy? i ride fairly fast. now is it worth it to sell my rebuilt motor and do a Rotax swap...
  9. General Rhino Discussions
    So for those who know about my rhino.... heres a update. i took it to my mechanic. (found out he was working in his other shop and didnt get my calls) he looked at it and found that the coolant had just gone down filling the air pockets in the motor. and the oil that was burnt is leftover in the...
  10. Want To Buy
    Looking for 04 to 06 engine cover with shifter.. perfer a 04 but will take a 06... shipped to New jersey...
  11. Rhino Parts
    I have a 07 rhino 660 motor for sale pulled from a rhino with electrical issues. Not sure on the hrs. I will try to upload pics later today. I would like to trade for a lt kit or a gorilla lift or can sell for right price. Also have most of rhino to part out.
  12. Want To Buy
    I am looking for a good running 660 engine for my '05 Rhino. I prefer stock with no issues. I am in upstate SC, and am willing to travel a couple hours to pick it up. Otherwise, it will need to be shipped to me. I am a realistic cash buyer. Let me know what you have, along with your price...
  13. Engine Swap
    Just cruising my rhino about 20 mph last week and the motor just gernaded. Piston just shot out the back of the case. No idea why. Had just under 2000 miles on it, mostly just driving around my neighborhood. Looking for used engine to get back on the road so if anyone did a swap out or has one...
  14. Want To Buy
    My rhino 700 motor just gernaded. Shot the piston out the back of the case. Any one with a used one left over from a swap out or something let me know
  15. Engine
    Late 2004 Rhino 660. Dead. Replaced everything else, apparently I need a new engine. Anyone know of any? I am in Florida, will pay for shipping. Also, would a 2009 engine be compatible? I know of one but not sure if it will work in my 2004 rhino. Thanks for the help!
  16. Rhino Parts
    I am selling a 07 Rhino 686 motor with all the extra's. This engine only had 15 gallons of fuel ran through it (this is the most accurate way I can tell you how fresh the engine is). This engine has a Weller racing main drive gear pinion support, Corillo rod, head studs, JE piston 10-1 for 91...
  17. Engine
    Just leaving the banshee world and buying my first Rhino. Been lookin long and hard for 700 EFI but found a 660 I cant pass up. Looking to jump right in and do motor work but not sure whats most beneficial. I want dependable and durable but dont want a family toy. Id like to be near 60+ and...
  18. Want To Buy
    I have a 2005 rhino with the 686 kit and a hole in the bottom end. i dont want to rebuild it just want to get a stock 660 engine> so if any has one email me. <THANKS> [email protected]
  19. Rhino Parts
    Hey was up everybody, Well here it is, a deal of a life time. A chance to own a piece of History. I am selling my motor that was used for the Guinness World Record Jump. I am swapping out for a R1 into my rhino so I can pursue a bigger Guinness World Record Jump. This motor was built by...
1-20 of 25 Results