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  1. Best after market shocks for the $

    I'm looking at replacing the shocks on my 07'. It has stock suspension and only hauls a maximum of two people and gear for a total load of around 500#. It is used for trail riding in the eastern sierras of Nevada (rock, sand, rock, shale & rock). My price range is in the neighborhood of $700...
  2. Starting Out With Rhino.....What Do I need?

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey boyz, 13 yr old kid here with an 09 rhino se my familly jus got a rhino and im wondering what i shud do to deck it out as a newb...hehe... im gonna have a tough time convicing parents to go for HUGE mods, or rly expensive stuff, but...... im kinda wondering about the following... -winch...