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  1. New Members
    Thanks for the add southern Ohio rider here 08 700 sport 2in lift,msd box looking for mid or long travel kit If anyone has a used one they would sell?
  2. Local Rides and Events
    I just bought a 2007 rhino 660 and and after the first ride the left rear cv axle broke completely off the machine. The splines are destroyed so I don't think a rebuild kit is an option. I ordered a new stock size axle but it was way too short because it has a long travel kit. I cannot find an...
  3. Suspension
    Hey guys, I am at my wits end with my 2009 rhino with an hcr long travel.... I bought it used and on the first ride broke my summer bro. axle... replaced then broke the other side. Then fixed both and have been fine for awhile until recently. This is where things get confusing I hunted...
  4. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    For sale 2007 Yamaha Rhino 720cc, freshly built 720cc stroker motor by CAMSHAW very low hours on motor and runs strong, HCR heavy duty spindles, +6 long travel with coil overs and resevoirs, shocks have been re-valved to cars specs, custom roll cage, 40" light bar, bucket seats, (2) complete...
  5. Suspension
    so i saw some 4" spacers on google shopping. how bad would it be to run them? reason im even considering em is that i almost rolled my rhino not too long ago. tried to spin around like a tight u turn and it came way up off the ground. i was goin maybe 15 when i turned real sharp around.
  6. Want To Buy
    want to buy sport resi's or summ of the likeness. i dont need 1400 shocks. i just want summ that will absorb small airs better.
  7. Rhino Parts
    I have a +6 long travel kit with fox resi's. Fully boxed and welded arms. Built by hi-dezert motorsports. Comes with all arms and one extra rear (their mistake). All 4 shocks (sprung for a four seater with eibach springs) tie rod extenders. Upper ball joints (re-use your lowers) frame stiffener...
  8. Yamaha Rhino's for sale
    Hustler Concepts Long Travel, Hustler concepts Full Cage, KING Coil overs, Real Carbon Fiber Side Panels, Beard Bucket Seats with Crow 4 point Harnesses, ITP Beadlocks with Terra Cross Tires, Custom Exhaust, Black Rhino: CDI, Clutch Kit and Drive belt, Light Bar 4 Hella 8" HID lights, 2 Optima...
  9. Suspension
    Bracket widening 6" extended each side & 2" Lift Long travel kits are ridiculously expensive so I have created a widening / lift kit with brackets. Works awesome it is not long travel but it adds the stability that I was after without spending 5k. I created this after i laid my rhino over...
  10. Suspension
    Looking to buy used plus 6 or 6.5 Long Travel kit for '06 Rhino. Im currently running stock a-arms with elka's. also looking for sand tires. I live in Oklahoma :fingersx:
  11. Want To Buy
    Bought a 07' 660 last month and already broke an axle. Not sure what long travel kit it has or size but when I called Gorilla axles they said it was a +6. looking for whole assembly I can just throw in, or are they rebuildable? Can I replace just the 23" axle? Pm me if you have something that...
  12. Rhino Parts
    Kit includes 8 Boxed tig welded Arms 4 King Shocks remote reservoir 2.0 Race tuned shocks/ custom Black with silver springs or traditional King Blue 4 Summers Bros Racing 4340 axles Specs: 6”wider per side 1” forward 1” back You will have...
  13. Wheels and Tires
    Got a 03' F-250 and haul my boat alot. Would like to be able to bring rhino along but not sure how to get it to fit in bed of truck. Considered a sled deck but would sit to high, also looked at Australian flat beds. Really would like to see if there was a wheel conversion kit such like monster...
  14. Rhino Parts
    4 18" eye - eye Walker Evans LT shock, 200lb front/350 rear $1000 SOLD
  15. Rhino Parts
    **2006 YAMAHA RHINO**LONG TRAVEL**4-SEATER This Rhino is extremely well equipped and taken care of. Both myself and the previous owner have spared any expense in setting up and maintaining it. I just had it completely serviced a month ago by Magnum Offroad. All fluids have been changed and...
  16. New Members
    New to forum but have had the Rhino a couple years. Got it because my right arm was paralized in the navy and i still wanted to ride with my buddies. Its an '06 special edition, been in the shop for awhile getting some "upgrades" ( ie turbo, motorwork, long travel) so it should be fun! I'll keep...
1-16 of 16 Results