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  1. Want To Buy
    Calling all Vendors or if someone has a new one laying around. looking for a black steering wheel - carbon fiber if you have it- maybe a quick disconnect too? Let me know what you have and how much- please post here or send me a pm thanks
  2. Suspension
    I wanted to know everyone's opinion on the long travel industries or bad ass rhino kit (same thing) i am looking at different kits and wanted peoples opinions.
  3. Suspension
    Well i got my tax return and im wanting to buy a long travel kit.. Anyone doing some deals right now? I called SDR motorsports and they will install there lift (OLD MASON MOTORSPORTS) for 5K installed... Seems like a good deal. Any thoughts?
  4. Suspension
    hello i need help with what way to go , 3.5" a arm and suspension kit, or the more expensive kit 6.5" a arms and suspension, it the 6.5'' worth the extra money, i dune ride it mostly hit the whoops prity hard and love to climb big hills and cut some hellies what to buy,
  5. Suspension
    Please be honest here guys... I dont want to know whose kit is best or any pissing matches. Just facts. I just want to get an idea of who is having problems and who is not having problems..... I would also like to know what axles that you have with your kit. I am only interested in feedback...
  6. Suspension
    I dont know how many of you have heard of Bad Ass Rhino's but Alan's Longtravel is not only resonably priced but one of the strongest i've seen out there. this is a basic car i fitted with them and it rides / handles amazing and can take a beating like no other. I now have them on my car an...
  7. Suspension
    I have an HCR LT kit. I have pulled the right front A Arm out of the frame twice. I had it welded and gusseted after the first time. WTF? is anyone else having similar problems? Let me know.
  8. Suspension
    I have for the most part terrible dealings with Thad at So Cal Fab. I have attached a link so everyone can understand that. He has a nice product but you cannot get replacement parts for their long travel kit. I have had to contract out a machinist to remanufacture the parts that thad has told...
1-8 of 8 Results