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  1. Engine
    New member and thank you for this resource. I've read dozens of threads related to this, but still can't fix my issue. I have an 06 660 that I bought with and RMStator CDI. I maxed out around 40mph and it feels like it's still being rev limited at the top. I bought a MSD 4240 figuring it was...
  2. Engine
    hey guys, having a little problem with my 2009-700. machine works perfect in forward both hi and low. when i'm in reserve it's giving me all kinds of grief. on flat ground is works fine. backs up no problem. when trying to back up a hill or over obstacles when i press the gas the engine...
  3. Engine
    its a 2007 660, done a lot of searching, realize my problem with the rev limiter at 15mph was from the reverse sensor, grounded the wire less than 5" from the cdi box straight to the battery. problem went away for a couple test rides and now has come back. reverse light is out till I hit the...
  4. Engine
    I have a 700 Rhino and want to remove the limiter. Is this a good idea number 1? Second, what should I buy where should I buy it. Thirdly, I would really like new wheels and tires as well. Thoughts? Sorry for the generic simple questions, just getting into this. Thanks!!! Jason!
1-4 of 4 Results