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  1. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    ****Updated 6/1/16**** Baja Designs has a few used items available for purchase with a few cosmetic imperfections. The listed products have either scratches, dents or other external damage, however all of these products are still completely functional. All Products maintain the Lifetime...
  2. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    I just found out that one of my backup lights stopped working. These are led type. I have checked the voltage up to the light and.is.good there and since these lights are sealed I can not check in side. Is it possible to buy just one light?
  3. Rhino Parts
    i need 150 by Fri. i have a brand spankin new set of 8000K HIDs, stock clutch, stock CDI, stock secondary spring, a green/black soft top (has a tear in the side but was super glued and works fine) and i think i have a few other things ill sell for 150 + shipping. i can also throw in some...
  4. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    i have a set of brand new, never used 8000K HIDs for sale. i need the money. $80 plus shipping. thats a steal. need em gone within the next 2 days. text 910-580-1879 and i can send pics.
  5. Rhino Parts
    i have a stock 660 CDI, stock clutch, stock secondary spring, 8000k HIDs and i think i have some other parts layin around here too. i also have paint. i have 3 cans or green spray paint and 4 cans of white Krylon. *MUST SELL BY TUESDAY*. shoot me offers. post here, PM or text 910-580-1879
  6. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Baja Designs Tricks for Treats: NEW OnX Arc Series & Squadron XL/XL-R Press Release: October 29th, 2013 San Marcos, CA - The Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs have reached into their bag of tricks to bring you a few new treats for the lighting season. Forged from the mind of a Mad...
  7. Rhino Parts
    O'Rielly HID's - SOLD gone
  8. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everyone, there have been a lot of questions lately about the technology and science behind LEDs and we have been posting as many informative articles as possible to keep everyone in the loop. Here is another awesome and highly educational article about the LEDs like the ones you might be...
  9. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    For anymore info, specs, or pricing on the most powerful 4" HID light on the market feel free to PM me. Forum members also get a 10% discount! Make sure to check out other Baja Designs products for all your off-road lighting solutions. :icon_thumleft: 35W HID 5000K Color Temperature 3.8amp...
  10. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Pencil or Spot Beams - provide a longer narrower beam that focuses the pattern farther down the trail. These lights are designed to be used in conjunction with other wider beam patterns. Pencil beams come with a 10° wide pattern that can widened by 4° if desired. Driving Beams - Offer better...
  11. Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    The Squadron 3" x 3" is available in two configurations. Driving and Spot, using precision in house designed optics producing 3,600 Lumens. * Weight: 12oz * Waterproof, Submersible to 3 meters * Hard coated polycarbonate lens * Lifetime Warranty * Front Lens: Hard coated Polycarbonate * Power...
  12. Rhino Parts
    I have 3 9" HID lights. I had these on my rhino for 2 trips only. changed mine out to hella 4" HID that's why i'm selling these. 75$ a piece located in Menifee or Fallbrook CA thanks, luc 760 525 5344 call or text
1-12 of 13 Results