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  1. Baja Designs Scratch and Dent Sale

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    ****Updated 6/1/16**** Baja Designs has a few used items available for purchase with a few cosmetic imperfections. The listed products have either scratches, dents or other external damage, however all of these products are still completely functional. All Products maintain the Lifetime...
  2. Baja Designs Press Release

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Baja Designs Tricks for Treats: NEW OnX Arc Series & Squadron XL/XL-R Press Release: October 29th, 2013 San Marcos, CA - The Scientists of Lighting at Baja Designs have reached into their bag of tricks to bring you a few new treats for the lighting season. Forged from the mind of a Mad...
  3. Baja Designs dual Stealth Ford Super Duty mount kit

    Trucks, Tow Rigs, RV's and Camping
    Hey everybody, Just wanted to share with you guys a new Baja Designs product, the dual Stealth Ford Super Duty mount kit (2008-2010). This kit allows two 20” Stealth bars to be cleanly mounted and tucked in the factory bumper opening. We designed this product in two different ways, 1) way where...
  4. Baja Designs Stealth LED bars

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey Everybody, Just wanted to share some information with all you guys on the Baja Designs Stealth bar. The Stealth comes in increments 10”with a variety of sizes ranging from 10” to 50”. Each Stealth uses some of the finest technology in the LED lighting world using CREE XP-G LEDs at 5000...
  5. Stealth XPG LED Light Bars

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey Everyone, If you have any questions about our Stealth XPG LED bars, please feel free to ask. Available in 10", 20", 30", 40", and 50" Forum Discount Thanks, Gordon BD (760)560-2252 EXT.124 Features: * Both Spot and Horizontal Spread Optics can be combined in one lamp * Optics are...
  6. 1 discounted 30" Stealth Bar

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey guys we have one of our 30" Stealth bars and it is very slightly scratched in a few spots, so little the camera couldn't even make it out to really show you, but none the less it has some scratches. So we will be selling it at a discounted price, it is first come first serve! Please Pm me...
  7. BD Stealth and Squadron

    General Rhino Discussion
    Hey everyone I just wanted to show some pictures of some awesome UTV's using Baja Designs lights, you will see below our Stealth LED bars and our Squadron 3"x3". If you have any questions about anything or want to see more pictures, just let me know. Thanks, Gordon BD
  8. HID Light Bar

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    If anyone has any questions about any of out LaPaz light bars, please feel free to ask. Thanks, Gordon BD - Baja Designs LaPaz Light Bars are baja proven and the choice of top racers such as Rick D. Johnson, Kent Kroeker, and more! - Each LaPaz Light Bar is pre-wired and rubber...
  9. Stealth XPG Bar for UTV

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Hey everyone, I wanted to post some pictures of our Stealth Xpg light bars on a UTV for everyone to see.:) Also Baja Designs will have 1.5 and 1.75in tube mounts for the Stealth by the end of February! If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Gordon BD
  10. Fuego the most powerful light in it's class!

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    For anymore info, specs, or pricing on the most powerful 4" HID light on the market feel free to PM me. Forum members also get a 10% discount! Make sure to check out other Baja Designs products for all your off-road lighting solutions. :icon_thumleft: 35W HID 5000K Color Temperature 3.8amp...
  11. Stealth XPG 40" LED Bar

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    The STEALTH LED bar is the next generation of LED lighting! The 40" STEALTH LED Bar is perfect for UTVs, Sand Rails, Jeeps, Race Vehicle and packs 14,000 Lumens and that will truly annihilate the night. Comparable to running 4 HID lights yet weighs only 6.8 lbs and significantly increases...
  12. Private Labeling

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    You may or may not know, but many companies buy off-the-shelf lights designed and manufactured in Korea or China and have them labeled with their brand.There are companies selling identical lights all manufactured by the same company, but each buying company slaps their own name on the lights...
  13. Color Temperature Matters!

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    Color temperature is a generally accepted means of describing the color of white light and is measured on the Kelvin(K) scale. Temps. below 3500k produce "warmer" or yellow light. Temps. above 6000k produce "cooler" or bluish light. Color temperatures above 6000k make it difficult for the human...
  14. Light output vs. Light Distribution

    Audio, Lighting and Electrical
    The brightest light is worthless if it is not where the driver needs it. Most LED light systems use optics from third party companies. The majority of these optics produce round shapes, similar to a flashlight. All "spot" patterns are round to achieve maximum distance, but much of the large...
  15. Baja Designs Light bar with 4 8" HID lights

    Misc For Sale
    Sell for $780.00 VERY nice set of lights from Baja Designs that are ready for use. Paid $1480.00 for this set-up and now don't use them. One set of Pencil beam and one set of spred beam. VERY BRIGHT! Not the cheep China type HID's! These will light up the desert. Lights are Made in Germany...